we help people change companies

We are an organisation evolution studio
Liberating people and organisations for commercial and human growth*
The world is changing faster than ever, and most organisations can’t keep up
We are an antidote to the static structures and processes limiting your potential

Jon Barnes // London // jon@flux.am
Jim Ralley // Berlin // jim@flux.am


this mountain is in Dream Valley, in the French Alps. It's where we take clients sometimes when they need some space to think, talk, and transform.

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"we are an organisation evolution studio"

flux is a response to the transformative times we live in.
The world is changing faster than ever, and most organisational models can’t cope.
We are an antidote to the static org structures limiting commercial and human potential.

The world is unpredictable and organisations are messy.
Whatever you’ve heard, there’s no single solution or methodology that will solve your problems.
We remix a huge range of approaches to implement the right solution at the right time.

We work with organisations in 2 ways.


your need: growth and change

an ongoing subscription with leadership coaching, high-potentials training, and embedding new org processes

typical cost: £20,000/month


"Amazing moment which has for sure impacted us and will transform our day to day habits and way of working. Thanks a lot."
Anne Francin, FSI Marcom Manager at Oberthur Technologies


you need: inspiration and buy-in

a one-off talk, conference or workshop designed to provoke you into action with stories from the future of work

typical cost: £7,000


"From the big picture to detail in a short amount of time. Thought-provoking yet useful in the real world.”
Jay Ward, Director of Communications at Ford

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"You people are in the business of transforming lives and you are doing great"

Prady Roy, Director of Engineering, Oberthur Technologies