we help people change companies

We are Indie Consultants.

We help people to redesign organisations.

Why? Well just because things are the way they are, it doesn't mean that's the way they have to be.


Clients say, "We'd like to..."

• Be more self-managed
• Learn to work remotely
• Build a feedback culture
• Realign the founders or leadership
• Learn how to learn better
• Communicate what we do more clearly
• Be more agile / run sprints / do Design Thinking

We say: "Great! Let's run a Discovery Phase to see what your needs are, how we can help, and you get a nice printed report at the end of it."

Get a step-by-step Discovery Phase plan, with some examples of how it's helped our clients


Some of the companies we've helped to change

Our approach, in a nutshell



Our philosophy of consulting

We believe that big change happens through 1,000 small changes. That experimentation and chaos are smarter and safer than a clever plan on a boring powerpoint. We work with companies who want to change but aren't quite sure how. We provoke and advise and support and play to help you build the kind of company you want.


Partners in Change not One-Trick Ponies

We aim to work long term with clients, so we can help you to make real change. We can come in and do an awesome inspiring workshop, but we'd rather actually help you to do things differently, which takes time.

The Right People in the Right Place

We work remotely and in-person, finding a rhythm and balance that works for us and you. We also curate an awesome team of consultants: some specialists, some generalists, all awesome.

Human Relationships over Business Relationships

There's no need to be all stiff, boring, and businesslike about this. Let's do some awesome work together. Hopefully we'll laugh, maybe we'll even cry. And if we're not inspiring each other then what's the point?

A Simple Exchange of Money for Value

We charge based on goals and impact, not on billable hours. And we don't use contracts, because if there isn't mutual trust then we shouldn't be working together anyway.