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a crash course in organising organisations around their customers

There is an expression that pervades Silicon Valley: 'There is only one industry, the software industry.' Another perspective is: 'There is only one industry, the industry of fulfilling people's needs.'

Customer centricity the element that puts the world's most innovative organisations above the rest. Here we will explore one element of this topic: the internal workings of a customer-centric organisation. This basic pack includes:

  • Flux Customer-Centric Organisation Overview video & article by Jon Barnes (incl. theory & practical anecdotes)
  • Basic Flux Customer-Centric Organisation Diagnostic Tool
  • Flux Customer-Centric Organisation Canvas

Flux Customer-Centric Organisation
[basic Overview]

video & thoughts by Jon Barnes (incl. theory & practical anecdotes)

organisational systems & processes

This basic overview includes:

  • a video introduction to the customer-centric organisation
  • a short document with some key concepts and anecdotes

It is a little selections of thoughts I sometimes include when speaking at conferences about customer-centric organisations. I hope you find it valuable. If you'd like to find out more. Please feel free to contact me (jon@flux.am)

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diagnosing the organisation


let's do a health check

The following is a basic diagnostic tool to get a rough understanding of your organisation and how customer centric you are. At the end of this process you will get an index number giving you a rough understanding of the way you are organised in regards to the customer.

STEP 1: Select a diverse group of people who work directly with customers (however you define that term)

STEP 2: Ask them to fill in this form

STEP 3: Done. Receive an index (this may take up to a few days)


flux customer centric org canvas